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 LockCrypt 2.20

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PostSubject: LockCrypt 2.20   Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:31 pm

LockCrypt is an easy to use account management program which provides a secure, central database to store difficult to remember passwords and other personal information. Key features offered by LockCrypt include:

* Secure storage for your data.
* Groups to help keep your accounts organised.
* Password generator.
* Native translations into German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Hungarian and Hebrew.
* J2ME version for mobile devices.
* Export to XML, CSV, HTML or Plain text files.
* Import from XML.
* Secure Clipboard to protect your passwords.
* Print output.
* Drag and drop interface.
* ... and much more

Changes in LockCrypt 2.20
* Added: Selective account export (Thanks Attilla).
* Added: Encrypted XML export.
* Added: Installer option to associate LockCrypt with .lce files.
* Added: Splash screen.
* Added: Status bar to show the location of the current database.
* Changed: If an external database is specified and the file cannot be found, an error is displayed and and the default database is loaded instead.
* Updated: Hungarian translation (Thanks Attilla).
* Fixed: UTF8 bug when exporting account types.
* Fixed: If there are too many fields in an account to fit on the screen, the Add Account

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LockCrypt 2.20
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