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 Desktop Sidebar v1.06

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PostSubject: Desktop Sidebar v1.06   Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:52 pm

Don't mind the pic, it's English =p

Desktop Sidebar provides you with instant access to the information you most desire by grabbing data from your PC and the internet. The result is a dynamic visual display you configure and control.

- Newsroom Panel - This panel is an RSS newsfeeds/ATOM aggregator
- Calendar Panel - This panel displays your appointments from Microsoft Outlook
- Tasks Panel - This panel displays your tasks from Microsoft Outlook
- Inbox Panel - This panel shows the contents of your Inbox and other Outlook folders
- Notes Panel - This panel displays your Notes folder from Microsoft Outlook
- Performance Panel - This panel displays information about the workload of your computer
- Mail Checker - This panel allows users who don't use Microsoft Outlook to see their e-mail via Desktop Sidebar
- Clock panel - This panel allows you display an analog or digital clock
- Messenger Panel, Miranda IM and ICQ - These panels display your online contacts on sidebar
- Media Player - This panel allows you to control Windows Media Player from Desktop Sidebar
- WinAmp Panel - This panel allows you to control WinAmp from Desktop Sidebar
- Volume Control Panel - Control your system volume and mute button with this easy to use panel
- Toolbar panel - You can move your Quick Launch toolbar from Windows Taskbar to this panel
- Weather Panel - This panel displays a weather forecast.
- Search Bar Panel - Instant access to Google and other search engines.
- Stock Panel - This panel displays stock quotes.

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Desktop Sidebar v1.06
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